Natural Laughter, A Sprinkle of Life & Lots of Love

That is the ultimate motto behind my blog. Whatever I post HAS to blend into one of those factors.

Laughter: I notice more & more the lack of smiles and joy within folks nowadays. Missing the essence of what it’s like to just enjoy a good read or find something uplifting. I want all my blogs to have elements of laughter, laughter is good for the soul; yanno?!

Life: MAN! Life is ONE B.I.G rollercoaster, with no manual. Yet looking back, ‘life’ has thought me so many great lessons & I wanted to be able to come on here and share that with you guys. Learning from some of my mistakes & reflecting on some experiences of your own.

Love: And lastly LOVE! God tells us that the ‘greatest of these is love’. It truly makes the world go round. I just wanna be able to showcase some love & inspire you guys.

I’m Marni – Jay, & welcome to my blog page!


I try to offer the realest opinions and perspectives. I look back on life experiences and turning-points for me. I challenge sigma’s and create controversy.  I add humour into every blog I post. I love promoting others and their creativity!

So feel free to sit back & chuckle along as I write about all that life, love & the universe has to offer 🙂

Yours Faithfully: Marni_Faith x


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