22 RANDOM Facts About Me

In honour of my recent birthday (WHOOP WHOOP); I decided to jot down ‘Chapter 22’s’ quick-fire facts about me. These some will and most won’t know about moi… ENJOY! 😉

  1. I am officially terrified of learning to drive. Even the thought of driving seems scary.
  2. Supermalt is my favourite drink … & hands down… OF ALL TIME
  3. I recently became allergic to raw apples. I can eat them in any other form; just not raw, picked off a tree
  4. I have to sleep in as close to ‘silence’ as possible
  5. I hate the taste of prawn cocktail flavoured crisps
  6. For 2017; I’ve decided to learn Polish
  7. I’m lactose-intolerant – yet dairy is my guilty pleasure!!
  8. I save all my birthday cards, every year regardless
  9. I don’t own any heels lower than 4′ inches, most are 6inchs
  10. My favourite chocolates: Ferrero Rocher
  11. Most quoted line atm: That’s it then.
  12. I’m 6ft tall
  13. Favourite colour is: Multicolour… LOOL just move on, seriously
  14. I hate ‘bangers and mash’
  15. Candles are my weakness
  16. I prefer sweets over chocolate
  17. I prefer seafood over meat
  18. 85% of my wardrobe was bought from a charity shop
  19. I have a pet cat called Lola
  20. I’ve shared a room with my sister for all my life… until we got separate rooms THIS YEAR
  21. I work in McDonalds
  22. I own an Iphone. Iphone over Samsung ANY DAY!

Hope you enjoyed the read! Until the next blog…. Do widenzia (polish for goodbye) 😉

Marni_Faith x

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