6 Summer Tunes That I’ve Had On REPEAT!

Recently I have been feeling SO de-motivated to blog anything & that in itself has been annoying me. I know it’s a normal feeling once inna while & so, I’ve not beaten myself up to bad about it. But I’m slowly coming back & adjusting myself to life without uni.

SO! Instead of a Song of the Month – I’ve collab’ed May, June & July together and put together a song list of the top 6 summer jams that I’ve had on blast; since summer started. They are in no real order & they are a mix of genres and artists. Let’s get straight into it….

SK – Ose

This tune just recently dropped on the 8th of June, but WOW! From the first beat, I just wanted to get up quick time. I have in recent months been in love with listening to & discovering afro-beats music. For someone that’s from the Caribbean, half my playlist in in Yoruba – so I’ve not got a clue what’s being said. LOOL but this song has a beautiful get up & just dance care free vibe. GREAT for blasting in the car btw! & the visuals in the music video! The bright colours and quality… the video gave the colour yellow a WHOLE new look!

Music Video!!!!!

Dj Khaled, Rihanna, Bryon Tiller – Wild Thoughts

Yes! I’m gonna be a annoying female & drop this over-played track in this playlist. If you haven’t hear this tune; either on the radio, in your recommended list on Youtube or blasting from someone ELSE’s car… then I don’t know where you’ve really been. Sampled from the CLASSIC: Carlos Santana – Maria Maria, just playing this alone brought back memories. All the artists featured in this track are well known & I’m loving this song! It’s definitely been blasted amongst folks around the world so enough said.

Music Video!!!! 

Daina – Baeless

As an independent Youtuber, Daina has seriously dropped a recent BANGER! Baeless was released on the 28th May & the track features rapper August Twelfth. From the first 30 secs, I had my ‘screw up, smelt something funky, but it’s that beat’ kinda face. Daina has only recently brought her music to her fans; but she’s certainly HIT the ground running. Y’all definitely need to check out her music – it’s funky, it’s fresh & Daina is a SERIOUS 90s loving person so y’all can certainly vibes with her.

Music Video!!! 

Jhene Aiko – While We’re Young

If you vibes with Jhene Aiko, then you should already know the score. THIS SONG out my head in a whole nother perspective of summer love. Ooo! Jhene has this THING where through her music; she’ll have you rethinking your life, marriage & finances. This single is so recent new music from her, & I’m honestly in love. It’s mellow, yet so relatable… that ‘countryside drive out with babe’ kinda feel. Jhene is dope & the music video is inspired by the movie: 50 first dates… need I say more?! 

Music Video!!! 

Wande Coal, Dj Tunez – Iskaba

Shedding light back into the afro-beats genre, with this firecracker single. This is SERIOUSLY my instant feel-good, blasting music straight from the shower, practicing my crappy moves song. The amount of times I’m quoting this song… again, don’t ask me what he’s saying. If anyone’s willing to translate; much appreciated. Either way; this HAD to make it into my top 6… great feet moving beat. Check it out!!

Music Video!!! 

TLC – Way Back

I couldn’t not have this song on this list. For those who DON’T know; I’m a MASSSSIVE 90s music fan **faints**. So I was set to go crazy when TLC dropped this ‘family reunion BBQ’ banger. Everything about this song & music video screams 90s & they certainly haven’t lost touch with their humble beginnings. They’ve got Snoop Doggy Dog featured too… urgh! I just love it. Got me bussing all the moves. Chilli & T-Boz still SLAYING & showing us how sexy is done. Definitely check it out below:

Music Video!!! 

As always; it has been a PLEASURE! I’m slowly but surely getting back into my groove so stay tuned!

Love & Blessings


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