Instant ‘Bald-Head’ (JUNE STORYTIME)

Luke 12:7 – But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows (KJV)


I tweeted a poll on Twitter a few weeks ago & this STORYTIME topic was the most voted for. The story of when my hair piece just… *sigh* fell off disgustingly #facepalm. No doubt this story will bring back SO many flashbacks but hey! hopefully someone will learn & be inspired from my mistake 😀

So let me set the scene!

Yerp… we’re going back to my ‘golden years’. HIGH SCHOOL 🙂 In previous blog posts; I discuss my self -image & confidence journey in my teens. So yes; HIGH SCHOOL!

This STORYTIME is set around the time when I was first coming into my own with my hair. I was observing other hair styles & realising that I wanted more for my hair than just standard cornrows. I’ve always admired long hair – but knowing my mother wouldn’t be too keen on me wearing ‘false hair’. So I remember reaching a point of compromise with my Mum, and finding alternative hairstyles to then incorporate long hair hair into.

Pictured below is the hair style that we came up with. Instead of flat ironing my hair to the point of damage most mornings; my Mum cornrowed it up into a pony tail. Then she went out and bought a loose curled ponytail hair extension to fasten on top of my braids.



EYYY! Back in them days, I was feeling… FLY! *memories*

So there I am, hair cornrowed up; hair extension slicked and looking fabulous. The first day I wore my hair style… I got so many compliments! It was something new, something different & APPARENTLY long hair suited me. My Mum have fasten on my hair extension the first day, so that was secured up. First forward to day 2…… just w.o.w!

So my Mum ends up leaving for work early that morning, so I’m left with the task of fastening this hair piece myself … HUGE MISTAKE! I had no clue what I was doing & by the end of it; that extension was SO DARN LOOOOOOOOOSE! (I’m cracking up laughing whilst writing this). Seriously… guys…. do you know sometimes when you try & fasten your hair with a bobby pin, but when you release your hand; the hair’s still sticking up looking at you? LOOL!

So by the time I finished fastening this ponytail, it was literally hanging on by about 2 bobby pins. There were some combs on the inside of the extensions; but with braids…. yeah! that’s just gonna hurt, being dug into your scalp too hard.

So I step out; I’m feeling myself…. hair’s still fresh to the Gods! The whole day was going swimmingly…

Fast forward to lunch time! So I’m chilling on the school field, decent weather, hella kids on the field, rough & tumble…. we cool, calm & collected. So, must people having gone to high school or the equivalent; will know when a fight is about to break out, EVERYONE rushes to witness what could be. So me & this group are chilling, & then all of a sudden all we hear is:

‘There’s a fight, there’s a fight!!!!!’

Look; you aint gotta tell me twice.

So I jump up & start quickly running to the other end of the field to catch the first scenes of this fight. So I’m running…. still running…. still runni; huh?! why does the back of my head feel BREEZY?!

As there is a God; I kid you NOT… I turned around & wayyyyyyyyyy behind me, is the ponytail not lying there tangled & dishevelled on the grass???????!!!!!!!! I’ve placed a few pictures below so you can have an idea of just HOW ugly this situation looked *facepalm*


CLEARLY my ponytail lying on the filed was not half as pretty looking as that. & I can tell you… I was mortified!!! – the feature image for this post… was me, just with less of the smile & with wider eyes.

I’d never run SO QUICKLY & SERIOUSLY in all my life. It just looked some dead animal in the middle of the grass.

weave fall 2

I scooped that hair up so quick! The maddest thing, was that I don’t put it back on my head. I tried SO HARD to style it out… as if I just casually & willingly removed the ponytail off. So many people for the rest of the day, asked me where my hair went LOOOL! The joke was half the field was running towards this fight – so in my heart I know that SOMEBODY must have seen the thing fall off.

From that day on; I made SURE I could secure that ponytail or any other ponytail on properly before I stepped out my house. It’s safe to say that I’ve had only one other SUPER cringy ‘hair’ falling out story, luckily not related to the same hair style. I just had to GET knowledgeable & get it together when it came to this ponytail. I’ve worn this hairstyle multiple times over the years and it’s honestly a great protective hairstyle!

Anyways, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this short recap of laughter. I absolutely LOVE your likes and comments… so PLEASE keep them coming! & I look forward to next time.

Peace & Blessings,

Marni_Faith x

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