Song of the Month (APRIL)

March Song of the Month! Right Here!


Memorise it, Learn it, Revise It…

Now if you’re only into gospel or righteous music; then I’d advise you to click off… my song of the month certainly isn’t in that category.

Summer is soon to be upon us & now is the time that you start bursting off your feel good tunes. Most of us will be getting our playlists together – whether its for the bedroom mirror to get ready with, or the drop top convertible outside 😀

I for one am a BIG TIME fan of Eric’s, every album and EP that has dropped…. I just have to have it set to repeat *cringes*. If you like feel good, 90s inspired, relevant, fire kinda music; then this might be right up your alley!

Eric’s latest EP ‘Island’ just dropped a couple weeks ago; and it’s gotten to the point where I love the music, before I even press play! The play on words in this track are DOPE! ….’Grown Folks Music‘ 😉

Youtube: Eric Bellinger ft Tayla Parx (Island)

Eric Bellinger has been on the music scene for a hot second! I remember the first song of his that I heard … Sarcastic ft Chipmunk. My days! I was lovestruck for life! Feel free to check out his single above & the rest of his music tbh. He’s collab’ed with some great artists.

As always, its been a pleasure writing this,

Have a great week ahead,

Marni_Faith! x

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