Psalm 121:7  The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.

This storytime is abit mad, to be honest; but hey! ….Get comfortable 😉

Let me cast your minds back… back… way back in time (don’t ask). LOOL for me; this story time happened exactly 2 years ago. I was just coming up to finishing the FIRST year of my university study. Urgh! The joys **sigh**… what I thought was hard then; in comparison to NOW! BOY was I naïve!

SO! It’s March and I’m in the middle of my ‘finals’ season. My final assessments are set to be due. Deadlines are fast approaching & I am gracefully at it with the hard work.

Let me set the set the scene: Mid day, week day, in bed, in my pjs because hey! I aint going anywhere xD

So I’m on my bed, got my laptop on top of my duvet. Wrapped up, #chillin… ya’ll know how the ting goes.

PAUSE! Now a couple days prior to this, the speakers on my laptop had suddenly stopped working. Since my laptop was less than one year old (that fresh new uni laptop tho!); I still had the warranty on it. So I said to myself that I would send it back in when I got the chance; but I honestly didn’t think anything else of this.

hp laptop.png

So I’m sitting going at this work; assignments aren’t gonna write themselves!

Suddenly I’m smelling some heavy aroma of BURNING PLASTIC :/ So I start looking around… I’m looking at the plug socket, the wires…. making sure that nothing isn’t bent up or spitting sparks. I’m looking under this laptop, making sure it isn’t burning holes in my duvet. I cant see anything, yet this smell isn’t right AND it’s getting stronger…!

At this point I’m thinking that I’m hallucination… but then… SMOKE!!!

I notice smoke coming from the top of the laptop right where the speaker is embedded. I’m looking closely at it like; huh? …’Is it just me or is the air misty?’ Less than 10 seconds after I said that, I saw flickers of a flame, appear on the left hand side of the embedded  speaker bar…

Honestly; that has to be one of the top 5 ‘quickest and most daring leaps’ that I’ve ever performed. I was on a bunk bed; by the way, so… you can only imagine the awkwardness of that jump angle. 😀

I slapped the laptop shut and placed it in the middle of the floor. I didn’t want it to touch anything, cover anything… or to have it blow up in my face :/

scared cat

That laptop laid in the same position, on that floor; for 3 days straight until I managed to get to Curry’s to get this laptop fixed. Sent off; and a week later… got the laptop back but the speakers STILL weren’t working. Sent it back the next day & ANOTHER week later…(Don’t forget that this is FINALS season, so time is of the essence) & the laptop was fixed!

It was all just a MAD experience! I used to have my laptop sleeping on my bed for half the year before this incident. NEVER AGAIN! I now always try to have my laptop on the floor or on my desk. The joke is; 3 years later, and I’m typing this blog out on the same laptop.

So PLEASE BEWARE guys, these electrical devices can be acting crazy sometimes! I’m sure that you’ve heard or seen a few stories … believe them! Expect the unexpected and try to be as safe and as sensible as possible.

Have a fantastic day,

M x

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