Song of the Month (March)

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I couldn’t let the end of March reach & I hadn’t done a ‘Song of the Month’, for you guys!

February’s ‘Song of the Month’: Hint; … B2K

This month’s song is directed at all my educational & academic folk. All of you that are STUDYING **urgh**

I am currently just under 2 months away from finishing my degree; yet the pressure of my work is SERIOUSLY getting to me. The previous 2 months for me have been hectic & for the last 2 weeks I’ve been suffering from a slow but steady mental-break down ­čśŽ

THIS SONG… oh sweet Jesus… this song…

Everything that I FEEL, everything that I want to SAY to the blockages in my head & in my heart, everything I want to express to my HATERS and to the ENEMY…

THIS SONG right here explains and sings through everything that I am feeling! Have y’all ever experienced when a song┬ájust SPEAKS out your life LOOOL. No word of lie, I was sitting on the bus going to university – having a BIG internal praise and worship session. I was on the tipping point of throwing my hand up and just shouting God some praise. R.E.P.E.A.T, doesn’t even describe HOW much I have rinsed out this song.

I’ve got 2 months left of this studying & I AM DETERMINED to claim back this victory! I might not SEE myself finishing at the end of this, but in Jesus name, I’ve already graduated. The Lord said that he will neither leave us nor forsake us & his word CANNOT be void. To anyone struggling, feel inadequate

I am honoured to have Trey Mclaughlin – I will praise, as MY song of the month ­čśÇ

Check it out above & feel free to leave some lovely comments!

Sending love always,

Marni_Faith x

Twitter: Marni_Faith

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