BlueInDubai #COLLABSeason – March Edition

So it’s #CollabSeason – March Edition… And I’m ‘BACK AT IT AGAIN’, bringing you yet another blog on an AWESOME content creator that is due to change the world. Before you continue any further… be sure to check the first blog in this series: #MissNangTreats (Oooo they so good!) Miss Nang Treats – COLLAB Season #MarchEdition

Although this is my ‘sister from another mister’ … Unfortunately; in reality, I can’t be biased BECAUSE her blog and YouTube channels are clearly doing all the talking for her.

I present to you: BlueInDubai!!! *whoop whoop*

BlueinDubai aka Shamisai, is a 21 year old lady from South West LDN. Originally from Zimbabwe; she certainly hasn’t lost her culture or her roots, when portraying her content.

This is a young lady who is all about Encouraging the Empowerment of Women. She’s been active for literally less than a year; but between her two channels and social media platforms… she’s seriously influencing SO MANY people.

So far; topics have included:         Procrastination . Motivation . Content

                                                               ‘Depression Changed my Life’

                                                               Power in Yourself

This girl is set to grow; and trust me… it will be worth being part of the movement. I’m honestly SO proud of her! In the day and age where every other female is promoting beauty and fashion; Shamisai is looking outside of the box. Shamisai is the first of MANY content creators that I want to be showcasing on my blog… so be sure to show my folks some love!

Check her out on her social media platforms below; and tell her that Marni_Faith sent ya!

Twitter: _blueindubai

Instagram: _blueindubai

Snapchat: blueindu_bai

Blog Site: blueindubai

YouTube Channel: Blue in Dubai <— here you can get to know her more! She recently uploaded a delightful Q &A

Always a pleasure. M x

One thought

  1. Awww thank you so much sis! this is lovely honestly! #COLLABSeason ❤

    Keep doing what you love the most and share your views through this blog! am waiting for these natural remedies literally! counting on you

    thank you once again ! Love you ❤ ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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