Miss Nang Treats #COLLABSeason – MarchEdition

It is COLLAB SEASON #MarchEdition!! *Whoop Whoop*

I am really , REALLY, R.E.A.L.L.Y excited to be showcasing just some of the business minds and entrepreneurs that I have the pleasure to knowing. They are all so unique and varied!!

SO! To kick it off; I give you… Miss Nang Treats

The header alone; just looks delicious! Now I know how some of you are when it comes to watching your diet and your sweet tooth. So I thought that I would introduce a treat that is SWEET, SATISFYING & SO darn affordable. Miss Nang Treats offer a selection of nuts that are covered in sugar foam rather than plain old crystalized chucks of sugar or even syrup <– which is WAY more concentrated in sugar. One of the best things; is that they are vegan and vegetarian friendly 😀

Miss Nang is one of the most creative entrepreneurs coming up.

My family are honestly in love with these. They were a delightful snack to munch on whilst having guests over for Christmas. We especially love munching on them whilst watching TV or movies in the evening. It is something sweet… but not a guilty kind of sweet. The layer of sugar foam is so thin and light!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above, is a slideshow of the current selection on offer from her website. It features: Nang-Cashew Beets, Sweet Pea (original) & Sweet Pea – Vanilla and Cornish Salt. Just the detail and decoration; you can see the care gone into making each batch.

Miss Nang Treats can also be available as wedding favours, or for use in pubs, hotels, functions etc… or simply as a gift to someone. As you can see, batches will be hand wrapped in a range of creative and eye-appealing ways. Honestly; these nuts are crazy good! I’ve never been a nut fan but these are just MAD moreish!

Check her out via her website or her social media platforms; all links are below.

Website: www.missnang.com

Twitter: @MissyNang

Facebook: MissNang

Hopefully you fall in love with these, as much as I already have!

Thanks so much for tuning into the very first #CollabMarch ;D Much more coming this way.!!

Peace & Love,

Marni_Faith x


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