1 Year, Guys!!!!



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Proverbs 19:8 (International Standard Version)
Whoever obtains wisdom loves himself, and whoever treasures understanding will prosper

So the 29th of January 2017, marked the 1 year anniversary of my ‘Hair Journey’… (silent WHOOP!!)

I will mark out a separate blog that will outline all the products & treatments I’ve used thus far.

For now; I just want to shed a BIT of encouragment for all those struggling with their hair or in the process of trying something new..

For as long as I can remember, I have always ‘struggled’ with my hair. In my family, my mother and my sister both have fast & thick growing roots. My mother especially; has always had luscious, healthy & long hair & I’ve always been immensely proud, slyly jealous and EAGER for my hair to reach remotely to her length. UNFORTUNATELY the Lord didn’t slap that portion into my DNA, or so I thought…

I inherited the other side of the family; the slow to grow, cant get pass a certain length …kinda DNA. My mother treated our hair the traditional way:

  • Never had a perm or even got my hair textured. Chemicals never came CLOSE to my scalp
  • No one but my mothers hands were ever in my hair
  • My mother cornrowed our hair for all of our childhood… apart from when it was hot combed out for special occasions
  • EVERYTHING was as natural as possible. My mother makes her own skin cream, hair grease, hair oils, face/hair treatments etc…
  • Hair always plaited on a Sunday… the night before school xD LOOL… But when you woke up the next morning & your hair was looking EYY!!

So growing up, naturally I observing how me and my sister’s hair grew. The older I got, the more I realised that our hair textures were very different! I started getting annoyed… ‘We both have the same parents, we are practically identical & quite frankly she is younger!’.

I grew older and there would be times when my hair would have a growth spurt .. But nothing major -_-

I was the kind of person that flinched when my mother came to trim my hair. She always had to show me how much hair she had cut off… just to reassure me that I wasn’t left bald.

The only thing that seemed decent at the time was my hair texture. Where my sister has thick hair, mine was softer & there was much less of it. I learnt over time that my hair gets very straight with just about any temperature of heat. My sister can only have straight looking hair when its hot combed… ceramic straighters leave her hair looking like a hot blow out.

Over the years I learnt how to cornrow and twist, so I was playing around with styles and methods. My mother was and still is; in charge or doing my extensions and more detailed styles.

But on the 29th of January 2016; I reached my turning point. I always moaned that my hair never grew. I spent so many years prior; watching YouTube videos on hair growth journeys. Observing all these ‘Do & Don’t’ and ‘Best Products for Natural Hair’. I got to the point where I was determined to grow out my length. I wanted to see once and for all, if my hair ACTUALLY grew or not.

So I  wore that same pink top xD and did my first LONG hair treatment of the year. Shampoo, conditioner, deep condition/hair mask, blow out & straighten… with all the necessary products in tow.

I only had one rule: I was only gonna straighten my hair or observe my length when it reached my milestones. (I would previously stare at my hair every month for ages, upset because it hadn’t shown significant growth signs). I promised myself that I would keep a note of what I did to my hair every month to observe what works for me… and what might not.

There will honestly be another blog on what I used, how often I did what I did blah blah.. 😉 its all coming!

At July, I could see the growth BUT I was slightly apprehensive. The ends looked kinda whispy & it wasn’t such a strong grow out. But I pushed on because I just needed to see what I could achieve with all this.

The day came!! And honestly I almost cried. When I finished pressing it out; for the first time, I felt hair swinging on my back. Instant confidence… I couldn’t stop SMILING! I ACTUALLY did it… ME… Marni! Them ones where your fingers can’t stop running through your hair. My hair looked so shiny, so healthy & STRONG!

From this; I’ve been pushed to achieve new goals and dreams. In my fitness, in my eating & even with this blog. The goal NOW is to reach bra strap length in the next 2 years… So it will have taken me 3 years in total.

Ladies; Gentleman … IT IS POSSIBLE So many people I know are upset because they are transitioning or struggling with hair growth. PUSH ON & close your eyes. It will pay off & the goal you are reaching for… can be achieved!

My top 3 Tips in all this:

  • Take visuals along the way, Only then can you plainly see how quickly and how much your hair has grown
  • Self-reflect along the way. Get to know your hair – observe things that you love about it. You will grow as your hair does.
  • SHUT YOUR EYES. Try not to look to the left nor to the right. I know how easy it is to get jealous of what ours have. But you’re on your OWN journey. EMBRACE that.

I’ll be sure to be updating on social media so feel free to add me on Twitter: Marni_Faith

Until Next Time, Blessings!

M x






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