Song of the Month! (January)

Mali Music – Beautiful

So this is part of a new series I’m going to be doing, once a month.

For me, music is one of the biggest influences in my life. And one of the BEST things about loving music; is loving new music.

So for this month, I’m kicking it off with a song that’s been around for a hot second. Mali Music is a artist well known especially within the gospel music industry.

His 2014 released song ‘Beautiful’ is one that I carry in my head often for many a situation. Even down to doing my hair in the mirror; I will have this song playing in the background as a subconscious reminder… I am BEAUTIFUL!!

Now, I’m not just preaching to the choir *rolls eyes*… this song is literally for ANYONE out there needing a ‘pick me up’ and affirmation within themselves. We aren’t always going to have someone there to always tell us to things we want to hear.

So when you’re getting ready today, just drop this one on the speaker and give yourself a little smile whilst you’re at it;)

Love always, to all you BEAUTIFUL people,




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