Chronicles of a 6ft Girl #Prt 1

Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well


So anyone who knows me; will know just how extremely tall I am.

I’m talking: primary school; no bench needed, gap toothed smiling, on the 4th row,  right in the middle to even out the back row for the school picture, looking tall. CRAZY!

For as longggggg as I can remember …. I have been ‘super’ tall for my age & gender. I was born being quite a ‘long’ baby. One parent stands at 6’2, the other at 5’9… *sigh* I was basically always destined…

And I HATED it!!

I swear, I went through the whole of primary & especially high school just PRAYING for the boys my age to hurry up and surpass me.

I mean when you REALLY break down the problems:

  • Not one boy finds you attractive *yawn*
  • You always get asked to switch on the over-head projecter
  • EVERY person swears you love either netball or basketball if not both AND that you’ve got this amazing thing called TALENT when it comes to sports
  • Scared that your feet will grow to be a freakish size, to match your height
  • Having to sourly admit that you CAN’T roll up your skirt like the OTHER girls in your year. What looks ‘cute’ on them; will look shockingly short and out of place on you… Yes! your friends will notice!
  • Getting on the top deck of the bus with the rest of your mates *cringe* – talk about hitting the roof!
  • Don’t even get me started on the heartbreak of trying to shop in PRIMARK and look for a decent & ‘cool’ pair of jeans to own

It really wasn’t until the end of high school, passing over to college that the male species finally have their hormones kick in & I became surrounded by similar heighted giants.

RELIEF – doesn’t quite breathe the emphasis!

Funnily; looking back however, none of these ‘issues’ or ‘problems’ held any significance for me later on in life. There are an array of men taller than me; people come to admire my height & people look silly trying to square up to me!

I say all that to say… for approx. 9 years of my childhood, I hated the one thing that I’ve now come to appreciate. I couldn’t carry on disliking one of the many things that I can’t change. Flip the insecurity on its hand… what is GOOD about it? Don’t push to be that person crouching in group pictures. Don’t shatter your confidence… There are little girls/guys looking up to you (honestly). You better FLICK that model height and keep it stepping!

But ofcourse… I still get my odd moment of fame; helping reach a children toys on the top shelf for a customer too tired to call an employee. What Bliss!


Feel Free To Like & Comment; Faithfully, M x


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